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LJ's Largest FFXI community

FFXI - LJ's Largest FFXI related community
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Welcome to the largest FFXI community on LJ

A few ground rules, intended to keep the peace here:

1.This is a FFXI community, please keep your posts on topic. Off-topic posts will be considered spam and removed.

2.FFXI and Livejournal both attract some younger members as part of their audiences, so please keep this in mind when posting. Also, many members like to browse the community from work, so user-icons and any non-LJ cut material should be safe for work viewing.

3.On the subject of LJ cuts, please use them when posting large images, or images likely to cause loading issues for those on slower connections. Youtube videos must definitely be put behind a cut, as not everybody has their settings in such a way that prevents the content from auto-loading. Here is a guide to how to correctly use LJ cuts. If you post something unwieldy without using a cut, a comment will be left on the entry asking you to fix it, and after a period of time the entry will be deleted. Feel free to repost with a cut added - basically be considerate of those viewing the community.

Addendum: As of Sunday, December 03, 2006, we have reinstated the only one image outside of a cut rule. Any entry from this date onward will need to have the second, third, etc image behind a cut.

4.There's a fine line between debate and a flame war; the former is encouraged, the latter is not.

5.Think about what you're posting; look back a few entries to see if a news thread has already been started including info from the Playonline site. If you have something to add, put it in comments so we aren't flooded by many new posts covering the same information. Be coherent; you'll find a lot of useful help and support from the community if you ask in such a way that you're understood!

6. Profanity is allowed in moderation. Pornography is not (not even FFXI related hentai doujinshi.) Although everyone who plays FFXI should technically be over the age of 13, there are some younger players out there too! Please post your smut elsewhere.