Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote in finalfantasy11,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Massive Screenshot Extravaganza

Trying to stand tall.

I found a little problem with one of the banister supports on the airship, and before I knew it, I was gripping on to the side for my very life.

You have no idea how difficult this party was to manage.

A new linkshell recruit with a very clever name stands frozen in horror, gaping at a very clever bazaar...


One of the less cluttered hours on Carbuncle during easter.

The best part is that Goatse and Lickme are together coincidentally... I think.

I seriously had a nightmare once about the interior of a Taru head chasing me around.

For a writing assignment, I interviewed the leader of my linkshell! He played me a song afterward.

My mule character, Sagus (yes, you heard right), having a little fun with my moogle...

My main character, too.

The Yhoator resident lizard, "Fluffy," needs some butt-Mentos.

Quite a realistic mask I've got.

One of my favorite party experiences, with four mages!

Fun names and layouts for bazaars in Jeuno.

My first encounter with a Cactuar-type on my trip to Rabao!

One of our mobs had the right idea and tried escaping by flying away upwards.

Sinder deserves a Tarutaru stuffed animal or two.

As does Shibunaki.

Coincidentally, I was just on my way to make a Salmon Sub sandwich. I wonder if the head culinarian would have enjoyed a Taru sandwich instead.

Vizionz tries his hand at remedying the Windurst Woods clipping situation.
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