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VanaFest 2010 [Mar. 5th, 2010|05:14 pm]
FFXI - LJ's Largest FFXI related community
FFXI - VanaFest 2010

Well, wasnt the Vanafest 2010 like a nuke in the community?

Most of the things announced are in my favour.
Some are questionable, others are frightening to me.
But lets go trough em point by point.

- New Wings of the Goddess missions
The big, great and awesome storylines is what defines FFXI for me. Im stuck at the beginning of WotG but story is never something bad.

- Campaign related updates
"A long awaited decoration unlocked" is written on the page. Well, I hope with decoration we talk the final two medals of the allied campaign.

New campaign ops dont get me up. Fine for those who are into them but im always doing Aegis Scream 2 or 3. :D

Castle Zvahl as new battleground will be for sure interesting. Im looking forward to it.
Fighting the (old) Shadow Lord again sounds fun, like a meeting of old friends. Present meets past.

New rewards are absolutely necessary. The most stuff that you can obtain prior to the current final medal is all not worth it in my eyes.
We definitly need more interesting stuff for all jobs.

Formidable campaign battle weapons definitly sound interesting but I doubt it will be as easy as to just buy them with Allied Notes.

- "Quest Structure"

A new kind of quest will be unveiled that will allow more custom enhancement of weapons and armor. Sounds great only if a) the quest are properly designed and not rushed stuff or run-around for hours quests and b) more accesible compared to the current Synergy stuff which didnt got to me at all.

- (New) Notorious Monster

To be honest: trough the course of sky endgame, HNM hunting and farming I started to hate NMs with a passion.
Endless camping, claiming battles, poor droprates, bitchfests.... I want to play a game and not waste my time. In my opinion one of the worst inventions in MMOGs.
For all those who love (H)NMs and the associsated work and rewards this might be thrilling thou.

- Synergy

New warp items? Of what kind? A replacement to warp cudgels? Or something more attractive?
Maybe if it offers intersting possibilites ill finally look into it.
Hows synergy for you so far? Useful? Rewarding?

The evolith system sounds very cool but so far it failed me.

- Beastmaster adjustments

Sound all fine and cool to me. (BST 20 here xD)

- Summoner adjustments

Two new avatars sound cool but Im slightly disappointed.
You can call forth Alexander and  odin but at what price?
I doubt theyll have a high level of useability compared to a normal astral flow, using Diamond Dust three times (in a row).

Theyll look cool for sure thou.

- Puppetmaster adjustments

i see two problems here.

1. performance of attachments, higher durability to incpacitation
This will already increase the pup job already even if just slightly

2.  hand-tohand combat from rank c to a
This is a huge improvmnt and already an affront to monks.
Together with the puppet adjustments pup looks to me now much more useful, powerful and versatile compared to monk.

all in all a bad idea. from all pups i know i dont feel like they need an upgrade, neither way.

- Server Merge

Together with these things a server merge was announced.
I expected it much earlier to take place but better late than never.

My Server (Siren) is off the merger list which is both good n bad.
Bad: No chance for new European/German players.^^
Good: We are the only undefeated Besieged server for a reason. :)

Together with the merge Ill predict a rise in Auction House prices because of the sudden increase in players.
Merged players would do good to farm before and to keep their stuff together and not to buy stuff
until 1 month after the merger (at least not for expensive stuff).

What do you think about the merge?
Due? Unnecessary? Bad? Damage to economics?

Now lets tackle the big nuke, even  thou not part of the march update but for june

The almighty level cap raise to 99

when i read that on the vanafest twitter i was surprised and shocked together.

it sounds appealing but in my opinion it brings forth some problems, misfortune and a community that is afraid that their game will change so drastically that it will be like a new game.

Just leveling in itself (again) is not a problem to me. i do it all the time working on my merits or three other jobs. I love my BLM since day one and I dont mind leveling him further.

But here is "my" catch:
In the course of six years i fought dragons, wyverns, western gods, fallen goddess of promathia, became a hero of windurst and saw almost every place that exists to date in Vana'Diel.
Wont all of that look like a walk in the park with level 99? All the items i worked for with my linkshell will become worthless: Who cares for 75ish stuff with the new 99-uebergear.
I think you get what i mean.

Wont all current high end gear become useless? Inflation on the horizon? Maybe even a mirror market will arrise: Two seprate economics bewteen 1-75 gear and 75-99 gear? Im afraid so.

Im not insane on gear. I dont farm on end and i currently dont have any high end shell.
Im just proud of the stuff i have due to hard work, investment of alot of time and the awesomeness of my old LS (Siren:Temperance).

Everyone back to leveling their sub jobs? Good. Another hook for you to catch: Even if they adjust job abillities and traits and some spell levels i fear the balance between certain jobs will drastically be ruined. BLM with Refresh is the first that comes to my mind. While my main is BLM and having refresh myself sounds fun it could cause trouble.
On the other hand every BLM can have already refresh via gear and using drinks (I use massively pineapple juice because their super cheap to make on the field if your a cook).

I would like to know your opinion on it:
Are you afraid of leveling again? What do you think about your gear?
What are you looking forward to?
How will players feel who possess the Maats cap?

[User Picture]From: diamond_dust06
2010-03-04 04:19 pm (UTC)
Wont all current high end gear become useless?

Maybe, but isn't that kind of the point of an MMORPG? You acquire stuff that's useful for a time, and then new stuff comes out that you try to acquire instead.
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[User Picture]From: flat_cat
2010-03-05 11:19 am (UTC)
Either you're relatively new to FFXI or you haven't been playing the same game as the other xi players.

I've stopped playing XI about shortly after wotg came out. My 75 jobs were geared out in everything you could ever want in terms of usefulness and "just because its pretty."

The thing is that those end game pieces of gear have durability. The adaberk I picked up back in 04 ranked as one of the best bps for the jobs that can use it up 'till I quit. I'm sure even now it still ranks up there even if there's some new bp that may be situationally better.

Part of the whole appeal of FFXI is that the good gear will remain good, thus people put up with the ridiculous amount of required effort to acquire them. Some of the stuff takes months and years of patience to obtain.

If you had wanted gear that's good for a 3 months and then becomes obsolete when the next batch of gear is available, you'd be better off playing WoW. Replacing all your gear every now and then gets old pretty quickly.

XI revolved around gear durability. Stuff like the adaberk and kitty pants has been around since the game's NA launch.
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[User Picture]From: silvermedley
2010-03-04 04:47 pm (UTC)
Wont all current high end gear become useless? Inflation on the horizon? Maybe even a mirror market will arrise: Two seprate economics bewteen 1-75 gear and 75-99 gear? Im afraid so.

Unfortunately, I've no time to find the article I read this in right now--but in an interview at VanaFest, they made it sound like the new Magian system was going to be for this exact purpose. That is, to modify the armor and weapons you already have via these quests to get boosts. That's the impression I got from it, at least. We'll have to wait and see.
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From: cesariauk
2010-03-04 05:41 pm (UTC)
My opinion... lots of desperation trying to keep people paying out till 14's done and dusted. Panic measures.

Server merges - not merges, utter decimation, I'm pretty angry at how they're doing it (if you don't already realize, the unlucky server lose every LS, all duplicate character names - even to a level 1 mule - basically total wipeout). People are already starting with the character/LS namejacking, and the fact they've not even bothered to try to implement any kind of seniority or preference with keeping duplicate names is just lazy - I don't think it's right that 40% of us should get arbirtarily crapped on in favour of someone's level 1 mules. That's before we go into some of the attitudes and thinly veiled threats about how we'll be ordered to behave that are going round are brought into the equation. The server closures may well be the final straw for me - I'm waiting till the end of the March bloodbath to make a final decision.

BST updates - SE thinks they can satisfy BST by throwing some new jug pets our way - again neglecting those BSTs who don't want to party and want to use native mobs against pets. They really can't accept that way of exping BST - yet with the raising of the level cap, the only jobs that will get invites with such a glut of players seeking are going to be the usual suspects: the SAMs, the RDMs, the BRDs, the CORs... for the rest of the jobs it's going to be an endless trudge through FoV or campaign (God I loathe campaign). Hopefully they at least pay attention to mob levels and charmability in future updates so that BST can get to 99 - I've got a few (s) areas in mind for where I'm going to go and try out at least. Although - the prospect of the 30 foot crab as a pet is mildly amusing.

SMN - I wanted Cait Sith as an avatar personally (still think it could fit into the game quite plausibly in a similar way to Diabolos if you're past the moggy BC in WOTG) - and that silly purple puppy needs putting in his place, Odin - meh, not impressed... but then it fits with Odin in other games - occasionall shows up... disappears off again just as quickly - I think the fact they've added the waiver about number of mobs in range is the first hint that SE aren't happy with astral burning (am I like the only person with SMN 75 who doesn't live in Korroloka) and potentially serves as future warning of a nerf (which I'd kind of like to see right now since I'm fed up with the job being devalued by gimp idiots getting it to 75 and having an elemental siphon of like 2 mp). Alexander I see working like the campaign mantlets - you cower near the big robot and get 3 minutes of godliness... sadly then the SMN gets shunted to the BLM party for the next 2 hours to stand around with diabolos out doing nada. I don't think it's going to fix the problems with the job.

BLM - buying a quiet life by giving them meteor... is there a final fantasy game out there where meteor hasn't sucked by the time you cast it? I reckon it'll fall into the "cast it once for the pretty animation and never cast it again" school of magic (also occupied by holy etc).

The level cap - not at all happy. Think it's potentially going to break the game, render certain jobs worthless - and by the time I get a job to 75 I'm sick of the sight of pink birds. With the mentality of the player base that only 2-3 jobs are worth having - I fear for how the MNKs, NINs, etc of this world are going to get invites when all of a sudden the entire server is seeking within the new level ranges. I'm also mentally taking bets who the first people on my server (RIP) will be to hit the new level caps. I've got dreadful visions of the entire server out farming Ancient Papyrus mark 2 to uncap levels and the horrific claim fest that will be (we had people out BOTTING the flipping mobs for the Shantotto expansion FFS).

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From: cesariauk
2010-03-04 05:42 pm (UTC)
The only way I could see it working well with equipment and stuff is for the magians quest to add some kind of scaling bonuses to your armour, similar to the COP rings where they went from their 75 stats to 99 ones. Otherwise - people are going to be thinking what's the point to salvage etc (my salvage group's actually broken over this very reason - yet another reason I'm pretty annoyed about the whole update) if their 14 million body pieces are suddenly rendered as nothing more than a mid-level exp gear. The problem with just upgrading armour is that people won't have all their jobs at 99 all of a sudden - if you allow people to create haidate +1s for their 99WAR, what are they going to wear exping their 75BST up to the new cap? Hence my theory for the scaling armour - which would no doubt be tied to some horrifically arkward quest requiring an arm, leg and freshly boiled tarutaru.

I'm not quite a Maat's Cap case... I've got 11 jobs at 75, some of which are retired and I won't be bringing out to get to 99 (long story but my mage gear was on an alt character I inherited which has been hacked recently and I've got no way of getting retrieved), but the thought of taking even the 4 jobs I play to 99 is kind of cringe-making... and the thought of enduring DNC and THF to 49 is horrific (it's taken me 6 years to drag my THF to 1k to 37 kicking and screaming). To be honest though - the Maat's Cap players are the ones sitting pretty in terms of subjobs with all of this.

The only future I'm committed to is seeing out March (and hopefully the newly release batch of WOTG missions), if I'm still feeling as meeehhhhh about the game by then as I do with all this update news - I'm finally gone. Already know of a fair few people saying the same - cumulative effect of being on one of the destroyed servers and the thought of a bajillion more colibri to slaughter.


Had to chop this into 2 as LJ thought I was talking too much - pssh
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[User Picture]From: thereallink
2010-03-04 07:42 pm (UTC)
The items bit was the only huge thing I've been curious about. I've put a lot of time into getting good non end-game 75 gear but as to whether that'll now be mid-tier or still rendered as high level but able to be enhanced for levels past 75, is something that makes me wonder.

The rest seems nice but I rarely play other jobs so not really affected directly per se. It'll be an interesting ride for sure.
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[User Picture]From: icarianbird
2010-03-05 11:47 am (UTC)
I hate to be a sourpuss, but could you add an lj-cut to this? It's taking up all my f-page.

Otherwise, I haven't been playing all that long (I consider less than a year really short in the terms of FFXI) and, to be honest, a lot of this high lvl stuff doesn't apply to me. If you think about it, those of us who aren't lvl 75 yet will be needing to get that lvl 75 gear that you guys are going to be casting off and this cap raise may make that gear more obtainable for those of us who don't have it yet. I'm not even lvl 40 yet and so I'm going to need to get to some of the higher lvl gear in order to do higher lvl stuff.

I'm kinda happy with the thought of the new things and the adjustments, but several of my friends have decided not to play FFXI anymore because of the lvl cap being raised to 99. They worked their asses off to get some of their jobs to 75 and, to be quite honest, they feel as if they really don't want to have to go through all that again to get that job up to 99 now. I understand what they're saying, but, at the same time, I can't understand why they wouldn't be excited to be able to do new things with their jobs that are basically useless unless you're going to do End-Game and/or kill high lvl NMs. I mean, other than fighting, what good is a lvl 75 whatever? FFXI is so centered around the fighting system that it's really hard to do anything else. I really hope that 14 will be a little more solo friendly and allow you to do things on your own. I'd like the crafting skills to be a hell of a lot easier as well. Bleh.
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